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At More Than Financial we like to get to know our clients and find out what they would want to happen for themselves and their families if the worst should happen. We strive to make sure that we recommend the most appropriate cover to meet that need. If you have children, why not make sure that they have cover too - many providers will now look to provide Children's Critical Illness Cover free when the parent takes out cover. Many providers now include features and benefits at no extra cost to the client that have proven to be very useful. (feedback that we have received personally from our clients) 

It costs you nothing to use this service and NO fees are payable. You are your family may have a lot to gain, so please feel free to contact us on the numbers below. 

For every completed case that we do, not only will you benefit from the most up to date cover for you and your family, but, YOU WILL ALSO BE SUPPORTING GRACE HOUSE and the great work that they do, as we have arranged to make a donation to them to support all the wonderful help that they give to Children and Young People in our area.

Contact Lorne Campbell - Mortgage and Protection Advisor on 0191 543 7147 OR

Caroline Campbell - Protection Advisor on  0191 543 7143

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