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In the Know... Employment Law from Croner

News In the Know... Employment Law from Croner

How to Manage Staff Holidays over Christmas

As November draws to a close, employers should look ahead to the Christmas period and plan how they will manage leave requests during this time. This can be a difficult task, especially when trying to balance demand for time off with organisational requirements, therefore we offer some best practice tips below:

•    Assess demand – Use the experience of previous years to assess demand for your business during the Christmas period. This will help you decide if you need all staff to work during Christmas, if you can operate with skeleton staff or if the workplace can be closed entirely.

•    Look at existing policies– Look at your normal rules when it comes to maximum number of employees at one time and notice requirements for requesting leave.Can you be more flexible with your rules at Christmas?

•    Handling requests– Try to accommodate as many requests as possible especially if you have a ‘use it or lose it’ approach to annual leave entitlement.

•    Remember you can say no – If you cannot accommodate requests for leave then you can refuse them if this is in line with your normal rules. Explain any refusal to the employee and remind them of your policies.


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